If you haven’t met me, I am Jo Hugo – graphic designer, illustrator and creative mind.

Essentially I solve problems and implement elegant solutions – visual, practical or theoretical.

My course at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design, outside Dublin, Ireland, was titled Design for Visual Communication. That pretty much sums it up for me: if design doesn’t speak to you – as a client / customer / passing onlooker / human being – then it isn’t working.

After growing up in East Africa and the Karoo, I travelled widely and have lived, studied and worked in Ireland and South Africa – where I am now based in the lovely town of Knysna.

I have been designing for private clients since 1997. My corporate work experience is detailed in my LinkedIn profile, but my portfolio will tell you much more about the work I love to do.

Jo’s natural talent and deep experience shine through in all her work. She consistently provides world class results: clear, straight-forward, thought-through designs that capture the imagination, and sell the products.


Martin Hatchuel: Writer, Editor, Blogger, Public Relations Practitioner